Custom Synthesis

Life Chemicals offers solid expertise in organic chemistry and well-developed platform for custom synthesis projects. We specialize in synthesis of de-novo designed compounds, compound libraries, reference compounds and scale-up of intermediates up to 100 kg. The success rate for custom synthesis is over 85%.

Synthesis of Individual Compounds

● Building blocks
● Reference compounds and potential impurities
● Metabolites
● New chemical entities or analogs for hit-to-lead development
● Peptidomimetics
● Drug-like compounds

Synthesis of Compound Libraries

● Libraries based on scaffolds of Life Chemicals
● Libraries based on scaffolds of the customer
● Custom targeted libraries
● Diversity libraries

Process Optimization

Based on strong scientific expertise of our chemists, we offer route scouting, reactions and process optimization services. For more information, please see Publications of Our Team and Case Studies.

Chemistry Expertise

Our researchers work in various fields of modern organic chemistry, concentrating, in particular, on heterocyclic and elementorganic chemistry applying advanced chemistry practice:
● Handling of gaseous reagents
● Selective catalytic hydrogenation
● Use of fluorinating reagents: CF3CHN2, SF4/HF, SbF3, DAST, Morph-DAST, Deoxo-Fluor, CF3I, Halothane, Freon-113
● Microwave-assisted synthesis
● Asymetric synthesis involving chiral auxiliary groups, chiral homogeneous catalysts, separation of racemic mixtures on pure chiral compounds
● Multigram scale photochemistry
● Handling of flammable reducing agents: LAH, DIBAL, AlH3, Vitride®, L-Selectride®, Super-Hydride®, BH3
● Use of lithium organic reagents: LiHMDS, n-BuLi, sec-BuLi, t-BuLi, MeLi, LDA, LTMP
● Use of Mg, Al and Zn organic reagents
● Handling of toxic Sn, Hg, Bi and Cd reagents
● Chemistry in liquid ammonia

Our Advantages

● Long-term expertise in custom synthesis and various areas of chemistry 
● Developed platform (see Facilities for more info)
● 95% success rate for over 2000 projects completed (see Case Studies for more information)
● Customer- and project-tailored approach (FTE, "bid per project", "bid per compound" or "bid per chemical step")
● Monitoring of the projects possible online using secure network and e-lab journals
● Confidentiality guaranteed (CDA signed for each project)
● Cost-effectiveness