Case Studies

Life Chemicals custom synthesis team’s expertise in versatile fields of organic chemistry has served in numerous collaborative projects with pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies worldwide. Life Chemicals role included multiple tasks from development of synthetic route to scale-up optimization and from design of patent-free analogues to parallel synthesis of custom targeted libraries.

Here are several examples of custom synthesis projects completed by Life Chemicals’ team:

Case Study Project Description Duration Fee Calculation
Targeted Self-designed Library Targeted library of 3000 compounds based on 75 diverse building blocks 3 months compound based
Custom Scaffold-based Library 15 self-designed scaffold-based libraries, 200 compounds each 6 months compound based
Custom GPCR Library 10 self-designed GPCR targeted libraries, 300 compounds each 12 months compound based
Custom Scaffold-based Library 10 libraries based on customer's scaffolds, 200-300 compounds each 18 months / scheduled by customer libraries delivery compound based

We have a creative medicinal chemistry team and experienced lab heads who were involved in numerous hit-to-lead optimization projects and design of patent-free analogues. This type of projects are done on FTE-basis with regular reporting including access to electronic lab journals. Here are some examples:

Case Study Project Description Scope Effort Outcome
Hit-to-lead Optimization Hit-to-lead for 3 Hit structures (HTS) from Life Chemicals database Med Chem design using available chemical space and application of specific ADME filters, validation of chemical routs, step vise synthesis followed by biological assays 15 months / 4 FTE 192 compounds synthesised, lead structure delivered
Amino Acids As MGluR2 Ligands Synthesis of patent-free analogues of LY354740 (Eglumegad) with similar biological properties Design of 12 analogues of LY354740 followed by synthesis of these highly challenging structures 6 months / 6FTE 6 of 12 structures synthesized, 2 of them posessed required biological activity

Some of multistep custom synthesis performed by Life Chemicals:

Many of our collaborative discovery projects are presented in publications in leading scientific journals (60+ publications in 2012 - 2014):