Life Chemicals Group as a fully integrated platform for early drug discovery is committed to provide complete range of contract research and contact manufacturing services.

Relying on our broad experience in synthetic organic chemistry and up-to-date equipment we offer high quality services in custom synthesis of drug-like compounds and advanced building blocks in mg to multiKG quantities, design and synthesis of combinatorial libraries, route scouting and production scale-up.

Our expertise in computational chemistry and employment of versatile in silico techniques, such as similarity and pharmacophore search, molecular descriptors analysis, docking screening and protein modeling, enable careful design of Fragments collections, Targeted and Focused libraries and customized sets of compounds.

Our keen understanding of drug discovery process with computer-assisted approaches, our knowledge of medicinal chemistry and our solid scientific background backed with powerful production base allows us to provide efficient solutions for R&D programs of our customers including hit-to-lead and lead optimization, improvement of drug potency, selectivity and ADMET, development of QSAR models and medchem design.