Targeted Libraries

High quality Target-specified Libraries of drug-like compounds with in silico predicted protein affinity were created on the basis of available crystallographic data on structure of the most demanded protein targets in accordance to the modern trends in Drug Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry. To gain libraries with most promising molecules we applied different computational methods used in Bioinformatics and Structure-Based Drug Design. Both Receptor- and Ligand-based approaches are involved.

● Kinases Targeted Libraries
● Epigenetic Targeted Libraries
● Phosphodiesterase 10 (PDE10) Targeted Library
● Protein-protein Interactions (PPI) - PDZ domains Targeted Libraries

Focused Libraries

In order to speed up the drug discovery process, Life Chemicals designed a series of biologically Focused Libraries basing on available knowledge of target specificity and/or their ligands as well as combination of different PhysChem parameters and descriptors. Life Chemicals Focused Compound Sets were created using hot-topic scientific information within combination of various advanced computer-aided technologies.