Pre-plated Sets

Life Chemicals' Pre-plated Sets are designed to facilitate the screening process of our clients by providing access to the most popular screening libraries in a convenient manner. The compounds within the sets are formatted in 96- and/or 384-well plates of various types using our liquid handling lab.

Diversity Sets

Life Chemicals presents a number of exclusive Pre-Plated Diversity Sets composed of 50,000 novel compounds with optimal physico-chemical properties selected from Life Chemical's collection of newly synthesized items by dissimilarity search with average Tanimoto threshold of 82%. These Diverse Screening Sets are ideal starting points for customers looking for a wide range of diversity to screen against number of targets from different classes or where little information is available on targeted protein structure.

For your convenience we offer 5 000, 10 000, 15 000 and 20 000 non-overlapping competitively priced Diversity Sets, which can be combined in general 50 000 Diversity Set. Following criteria were used for design of Pre-plated Diversity Sets:

  • Lipinski Rule of 5 & Veber criteria compliant

  • No reactive and unstable molecules

  • Lilly MedChem Rules

  • PAINS filters families A, B, C applied

  • No overlap with previous Life Chemicals’ 50K Diversity Set

 The parameters of the Diversity Sets are listed below:

Diversity SetAverage values


Diversity SetNumber of compoundsNumber of ScaffoldsNumber of Scaffold-based compoundsNumber of Singletones