Screening Libraries

Life Chemicals offers a number of unique compound libraries intended to a wide range of medicinal chemistry purposes and agro science. Latest scientific data and various advanced technologies in computational chemistry were applied to design our screening libraries basing on 412,000 off-the-shelf compound collection. The sets of high-quality small molecules aimed to meet the most demanding drug discovery projects with capabilities of the hit-follow-up programs.

Most of our screening libraries are updated quarterly with new synthesized molecules and are available for cherry picking or diversity selection, inline with our clients' requirements.

Fragment Libraries
Targeted & Focused Libraries
Pre-plated Sets
Activity-based Libraries
Natural Product-like Compounds
Fsp3-enriched Compounds

Life Chemicals also offers computational & medicinal chemistry services to design a compound sets of customer interest. Our computational chemistry team supports early drug discovery projects with target analysis, hit identification and hit to lead optimization as well as with cheminformatics services.

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