Building Blocks

Life Chemicals Group presents a collection of advanced Building Blocks and fine reagents designed and synthesized by joint team of Life Chemicals and Curpys Chemicals. The full database comprises 138,000 Building Blocks including 11,500 stock available items and 126,500 tangible compounds redily available through in-house validated synthetic procedures.

● Competitively priced novel and unique compounds
● Multigram quantaties in stock
● Safe and prompt delivery worldwide
● Purity of 95%+ confirmed with 400 MHz NMR and/or LCMS
● Re-synthesis and scale-up in weights up to 50 kg is possible

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Curpys Chemicals Building Blocks - A Fine Toolset for Your Researh

Recent trends in chemical design rely heavily on the availability of “good” starting points for generation of compound structures. This is nicely expressed in medicinal chemistry, where the concept of the lead-oriented library design and synthesis is gaining momentum. While early approaches to the generation of combinatorial sets of compounds involved the use of unsorted starting materials and led to the hugely sized libraries, modern MedChem design focuses on specific properties of the compounds, such as diversity, applicability to the structure-property relationship studies, and the validated physico-chemical parameters. In this context, the availability of structurally novel low molecular weight hydrophilic building blocks with limited number of rotatable bonds is of special value. Other areas of life and material sciences also depend on the availability of advanced building blocks for their purposes.

To provide starting materials which comply with the above rigorous requirements, the team of Curpys Chemicals has developed a special offer of easily accessible building blocks that contain major cores of organic chemistry. A common set of functional groups compatible with reported parallel synthesis conditions, as well as a carefully selected list of substituents intended to provide the maximal structural diversity were used in the design of our building blocks. Notably, both the functional groups and the substituents were fit to keep the physico-chemical parameters of the compounds optimal. The reasonable synthetic feasibility of the compound sets is ensured by a preliminary analysis of the literature and our own synthetic studies.

The offered compounds are perfectly suitable for use in drug discovery, organic synthesis and other areas.