The Library comprises compounds resulted from similarity search against reference sets of compounds displaying activity towards the most dangerous protozoa. The reference sets were taken from the most reliable inhibitor databases (ChEMBL, BindingDB) and PubChem (in case when compounds were mentioned as potent pro-drugs in specialized literature). According to the activity data and number of compounds in the reference subsets the Tanimoto similarity index was set up in a range from 0.8 to 0.85.

List of targeted protozoa families and species:

● Plasmodium genus
● Cryptosporidium family
● Dysentery shigella
● Chagascruzi
● Giardiasis intestinalis
● Amowbiasis hystolitica
● Leishmaniasis
● Toxoplasmosis gondii
● Trichomonas vaginalis
● Trypanosoma brucei

Ca 6,100 resulting potentially active compounds formed Life Chemicals’ Antiprotozoa Library.