About us

Life Chemicals Inc. was founded in 1995 in Kiev, Ukraine and rapidly became a major supplier of HTS compounds and provider of custom synthesis and computational chemistry services to Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Crop Science companies and academic institutions across the globe.

Life Chemicals Group

In 2015 Life Chemicals announced about formation of Life Chemicals Group via merger with Curpys Chemicals Ltd. and Spectrum Info Ltd.

Life Chemicals Group is a fully integrated platform for early drug discovery providing complete range of contract research and contact manufacturing services.

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● Functional Dyes
● APIs (GMP, non-GMP)
● Fine reagents for Organic Synthesis
● Scale up Synthesis (up to 100 kg)
● Process optimization

● Compounds for HTS
● Targeted & Focused Libraries
● Fragment Libraries
● Custom Synthesis
● Computational Chemistry
● Early Drug Discovery

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● Off-the-Shelf BBs
● Tangible BBs
● De-Novo Designed BBs
● Custom Synthesis of Building Blocks and Intermediates