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Life Chemicals Web Store: On target. On time. On budget

December 4, 2015

We are glad to inform you about launch of Life Chemicals webstore and invite you to our eShop.
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Annual meeting of German pharmaceutical society

September 16, 2015

Life Chemicals will attend Annual meeting of German pharmaceutical society in Düsseldorf, Germany.
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Life Chemicals to participate in SBDD 2015, Lausanne, CH

September 15, 2015

Life Chemicals invites you to attend SBDD 2015 conference aimed at computational advances in Drug Discovery.
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Life Chemical Group

Life Chemicals Inc. was founded in 1995 in Kiev, Ukraine and rapidly became a major supplier of HTS compounds and provider of custom synthesis and computational chemistry services to Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Crop Science companies and academic institutions across the globe. With more than 160 employees and representative offices in Germany, USA and Canada, Life Chemicals production sites cover 2500m2.
In 2015, Life Chemicals merged with Curpys Chemicals and Spectrum Info to built a fully integrated service and manufacturing system for early drug discovery - Life Chemicals Group.

Screening Compounds for HTS and Compound Libraries

Our Collection of Small Molecules for High-throughput Screening today contains about 929,000 compounds including 427,000 stock available items and about 507,000 tangible structures. The compounds in our HTS collection are original, carefully selected, diverse, well-characterised and pure, lead-like and drug-like new chemical entities. To best support our customers' on-going projects re-synthesis and 90% re-supply are guaranteed. To increase efficiency of high-throughput screening a number of compound Libraries were designed in house by our computational chemistry team on the basis of our stock collection: Targeted and Focused Libraries, Fragment Libraries and Diversity sets.

For your convenience you are welcome to visit our webstore to search and order the compounds online at

Early Drug Discovery, Custom Synthesis and Computational Chemistry Services

Life Chemicals Group as a fully integrated platform for early drug discovery is committed to provide complete range of contract research and contact manufacturing services. Our keen understanding of drug discovery process with computer-assisted approaches, our knowledge of medicinal chemistry and broad experience in organic synthesis backed with powerful production base allow us to provide efficient solutions for R&D programs of our customers including hit-to-lead and lead optimization, improvement of drug potency, selectivity and ADMET, development of QSAR models and medchem design.


Unique Building Blocks for Synthesis Projects

Life Chemicals Group presents a collection of advanced Building Blocks and fine reagents designed and synthesized by joint team of Life Chemicals and Curpys Chemicals. The full database comprises 138,000 Building Blocks including 11,500 stock available items and 126,500 tangible compounds redily available through in-house validated synthetic procedures.

You are welcome to search for Building blocks online at